Own Your Data

Our edge network and revolutionary technology combines the power of distributed P2P (Peer to Peer) Networks with IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) and Biometric Authentication to secure and encrypt your data beyond Military Grade Standards.

Encrypted Doc Platform

  • Optional Biometric Authentication
  • Zk Roll-ups for Privacy and scalability
  • Sha3 Military Grade Cryptography
  • Team Collaboration With multi layer permission file sharing

Quickly Deploy Web3 dApps

  • Solutions for serverless Decentralized Applications
  • Simplified SmartContract Deployment
  • Store Files on Ghost IPFS Network
  • Global CDN
GhostDrive encryption layers work seamlessly with cloud providers, servers, and local data storage solutions.

Ghost Wallet

Your crypto totally invisible for others and always secured by GhostDNA with full control by you.

/ Features
/ Intuitive learning
/ Collect daily rewards
/ Tokens Swap
/ Universal
/ VR Immersive games
/ Multi-Chain
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Ghost VPN

A New Secure and Encrypted Communication brought to you via Ghost Protocol and Ghost VPN.