Decentralized Workspaces

Decentralizing data storage, enabling secure collaboration, and ensuring data privacy with Web3.0 blockchain solutions.

Total Data Secured
334.5TB so far
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Workspace Experience

  • Custom NFT workspace
  • IPFS Network Friendly
  • Automate your workflow
  • Team Collaboration

Automated Hub

  • Create unlimited integration tasks
  • Activity logs and monitoring
  • OAuth Connections

Seamlessly connect your web forms to Ghostdrive, other popular CRMs, Email Service Providers (ESP’s), Marketing Automation, Webinar, SMS, and Unified Communication apps, with easy drag-and-drop mapping and no code!

Security Assistant

Choose a unique Security Assistant that guides you through keeping your data private.

  • / Private VPN
  • / Anti-Screening
  • / Data Monitoring
  • / Voice ID and Face ID
  • / Web 3.0 Access
  • / Wallet to wallet sharing

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