GhostMode VPN

Maintain your anonymity and keep your online actions untraceable.

Keep your browsing habits private and your data transmission secure using GhostDrive’s GhostMode VPN. Using a VPN encrypts your connection to the internet by masking your IP address and location, stopping any snoops from seeing your sensitive information. A VPN, in essence, creates a tunnel between your local network and the website or server you want to connect to, establishing a secure connection that scrambles your data and helps protect your online activities.

Sign in to our easy-to-use VPN for true anonymity using a crypto wallet such as MetaMask, adding another layer of privacy. Once logged in, gaining a secure network is as easy as selecting your VPN server location, then clicking the Start button. Your VPN stays active until you turn it off or close your browser window.

Ghostdrive Framework

Reasons to use our VPN:

  • Sign up anonymously with MetaMask
  • The first crypto VPN using Web 3.0 access
  • All encryption happing through MetaMask
  • Disguise your IP address and location quickly
  • Protect your connection to GhostDrive and other services
  • Keep your browsing history private
  • Protect the data you send and receive on your device
  • Bypass geo-restrictions for video services and more

Our beta mode VPN is launching with our soft launch to early access users as a Chrome extension, with a mobile app and standalone desktop version coming.

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