• Set dApp Governance voting
  • Proof of Humanity
  • Voice and Facial Verification
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  • Data is always encrypted
  • Multi layer node infrastructure
  • Anonymous entrance/exit nodes
  • Private Personal Database

Ghost VPN

Ghost VPN is a secure communication tool that’s user-friendly and encrypted using Ghost Protocol to help protect you and your data.

GhostID Access

Create layers of security with GhostDNA by using 3FA and Biometrics Authentication with Zero-Knowledge Protocol (Zk-Roll ups).

Trustless Network

Use our modern network architecture with effortless encryption, authorization and access to data resources that’s agnostic of the underlying data storage.

Ghost Pixel

GhostDrive Protocol creates monetization and utilization opportunities from Advanced Data Analytics. This enables users to easily create Custom Data Sets in the form of Secret NFTs that can be sold on the secondary market transparently by the User instead of Big Data providers.

Serverless dApps

Web 3.0 Backend Infrastructure allows developers to host and rapidly deploy Decentralized Applications with just a few clicks.

Encrypted Document Sharing Privacy

Users and admins can control and redact sensitive information within each document, as well as set specific user access.