Learn how GhostDrive will help you in five simple steps.

Security and privacy of personal and enterprise information is the biggest issue in information technology today and it will be for years to come.

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Setup Secure Access

Create master password to start file encryption process. Setup security layers such as voice, biometric, and mobile authentication.  

Create a Workspace

Create multiple workspace environments that will give you control over user access to specific folders and files. Invite and communicate with users in real-time.

Transfer data from un-secure Data Providers

Drag and drop your files into your secure workspace. Organize and create permissions for your organization. Optionally you can secure your private data in a personal vault.

Automate Sequence

Our process allows users to create specific scripts that allow micro management of everything data. IFTT

Track & Monitor all activity

Our powerful dashboard will allow you to track, monitor, communicate, and detail all data and user activity.

Authentication App

  • 2-Step Verification
  • Voice Verification
  • Facial Verification
  • Biometric Verification
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Password Management

  • Store digital records
  • Generate strong passwords
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Voice log in and go

Storage needs blockchain technology

Ghost Drive offers a cloud storage solution on the blockchain that uses sharding technology to make a users’ data invisible and nearly impossible to compromise. The obvious advantage would be that the search load for the large partitioned table can now be split across multiple servers (logical or physical), not just multiple indexes on the same logical server. 

Offline Data Vault Enclosure (WiFi)

Personal Storage device for files with end to end encryption, no need to connect to private servers for browsing or downloading. This allows your data to exist outside traditional network environments for optimal security.

*HDD device sold separately
*Early Bird special 40% off if pre-ordered before Nov 1st 2021.