Ghostdrive Features

From collaboration to NFT storage, GhostDrive is a robust platform
that fits your needs of security and privacy.

Security & privacy

Keep your files locked up and away from prying eyes.
  • Security layers

    Keep both your account and individual workspaces, files or folders secure by using 2-factor authentication, secure pin, secret key, NFT license, voice, fingerprint, or facial ID recognition technologies.

  • Multiple encryption levels

    GhostDrive offers a minimum of 256-bit encryption but has a spectrum of bit-length, allowing you to utilize our token for better online and offline encryption.

  • Zero-knowledge protocol (Zk-Snark)

    Keep the data you share private. GhostDrive never transmits or stores files, encryption keys, and user passwords in an unencrypted or unhashed form. Verify access without revealing any other information.

  • TOR approach

    GhostDrive utilizes onion routing to provide multiple layers of protection while you or your recipient access your shared files.

  • Metamask Access

    Users can register and login with their Metamask wallet.

  • IPFS supported

    Data kept in GhostDrive is mirrored to multiple storage nodes in a data center. Using IPFS mitigates the risk of data loss and ensures high availability simultaneously.

  • Anti-Screening

    Keep your content private by running checks for screen grabs and video recording. GhostDrive will stop other users from recording the contents of your folders and can also be set to block their access when detected automatically.

  • GhostMode VPN

    Use GhostMode VPN to connect to your storage, including connecting to the most recent location on launch and connect/disconnect notifications. Other VPNs can also be used to connect.

  • Automatic Wi-Fi security

    Automatically connect to GhostMode VPN when using an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

  • Trusted networks

    Set up trusted Wi-Fi and Wired networks through SSIDs or Mac addresses to bypass the need to access your storage via VPN.

  • Whitelist IPs

    Create a list of approved IP addresses that can bypass the need for a VPN to access your storage.

  • Ghost access

    Use GhostPass to lock your account in an emergency that requires a phrase to unlock, or set GhostTime to lock access to your data for a specified time.

  • Emergency rights transfer

    Transfer ownership of your data to another trusted user in the case of an emergency using a smart contract token.

  • Secure location access

    Set a GhostSpace geospatial location requirement to ensure your file can only be accessed from a secure location, such as your home or office.

  • Ghost Pixel

    Evaluate how recipients engage with your files by collecting insights on views and downloads.

Document Access & Management

Create secure collaboration hubs where your team can efficiently work together no matter where they are.
  • Multiple devices

    Connect multiple devices to your GhostDrive account to enable syncing files and folders between them. This way, files are accessible from anywhere.

  • Version history

    With version history, GhostDrive tracks all file changes, and it can restore previous versions to correct mistakes or revert changes.

  • Encrypt my clouds

    Connect to Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive and use GhostDrive to encrypt your files before upload to add an extra layer of security.

  • Multi-platform support

    Access your cloud documents from your phone or tablet without compromising security. GhostDrive provides the same level of protection on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

  • Browser access

    Access, preview, download, or share documents stored in GhostDrive from any browser in a secure end-to-end encrypted, zero-knowledge environment.

  • Phone backup

    Keep your phone data safe by creating secure backups through the GhostDrive app.

  • File optimization

    GhostDrive takes the files that you don’t often use and compresses them to create additional space in your data storage.

Web 3.0 Access

GhostDrive uses forward thinking technology to keep your data safe and protected.
  • Multiple blockchain network support

    At launch, GhostDrive will support Solana, Binance, and Ethereum. In the future, we’ll be adding more blockchain networks as well as our own.

  • Ghost Protocol

    Using IPFS with SHA3 encryption and biometric authentication, GhostDrive ensures that your files are kept safe and secure with added redundancy.

  • Build your private network

    Connect your AWS account by adding a node to GhostDrive.

  • Native mobile apps

    Access, preview, download, or share documents wherever you go from your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows mobile device.

NFTs, Storage, and Marketplace

Upload, and manage your NFTs directly through GhostDrive. Earn rewards through our bug bounty program.
  • Utility Encryption Token

    The GhostDrive Token serves as proof of encryption, file transmission, reception, and available data storage.

  • Free NFT storage

    Easy-to-use decentralized service for resilient and secure storage. Upload your data and receive an IPFS hash acting as a Content ID to use as an on-chain pointer.

  • NFT Marketplace

    GhostDrive is developing the first NFT distribution marketplace, offering the Ghostdrive community the opportunity to trade data storage, security layers, and much more.

  • NFT Pass and Licensing

    Ghostdrive platform support NFT Pass and licensing minting.

  • Bug Bounty program

    GhostDrive’s community will be involved in the development of the platform. Token rewards are issued to developers for contributions to GhostDrive. As an example, community developers can be rewarded for finding and documenting a bug or resolving an issue.

  • NFT Certicates

    GhostDrive holders can trade NFT certificates for software, licensing, and security features. and other systems through the marketplace. To encourage a broad and stable network with true decentralization, GhostDrive includes staking. All users that hold and stake tokens and can vote for features for the platform and set other targets for GhostDrive development.


Collaborate, create and maintain security through Workspaces.
  • Multiple workspaces

    Create secure, end-to-end encrypted workspaces within your storage space to collaborate with others.

  • Manage users

    Invite users by email or crypto wallet, manage their access permissions, and provide roles through the use of NFT licenses on a granular level.

  • Optional authentication

    Adjust the level of authentication needed from workspace to workspace, using any of the methods provided by GhostDrive.

  • Automated Dashboard Hub

    Connect over 100 of your favorite applications via an easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool with no coding, creating an automated hub for webforms, CRMs, Email service providers, Marketing automation, Webinars, SMS, and Unified Communication apps.

  • Document editing

    Create documents and edit them directly within your workspace.

  • Password manager

    Protect your passwords and access codes by storing your data directly within GhostDrive.

  • Encrypted Notes

    Take quick notes and keep them secure within the blockchain network.

  • Task manager

    Set up tasks or reminders for yourself or others in your workspace, specify time/date, and add urgency flags or files as needed.

  • Events

    Set up action events that include a condition and response for an added level of automation. Example: Disable link once a file has been downloaded.