GhostDrive is cutting-edge technologies to absolutely protect stored data

Making it inaccessible to intrusion and attack while maintaining high speeds of operation at a low cost.

About us

GhostDrive is proposing a new way of protecting data at home and at work. GhostDrive has developed a remote storage solution that not only encrypts your personal or business information, but cuts it into tiny bits, encrypts each bit, and stores those bits (shards) over multiple remote locations.

Your data is completely inaccessible to anyone but you because only you have the Private Key that unlocks data when you activate the GhostDrive application.The growth in the number of quality data centers and the capacity of high speed fiber lines enable the process, as do the most secure encryption methods.  The GhostDrive team has expertise in each of these areas.

Development of GhostDrive technology has moved from concept to product with the help of highly proficient programmers who have a long history with GhostDrive management.  Competitors provide an endorsement of the concept but appear to trail in development. 

Company was born
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Offline Data Vault Enclosure (WiFi)

Personal Storage device for files with end to end encryption, no need to connect to private servers for browsing or downloading. This allows your data to exist outside traditional network environments for optimal security.

*HDD device sold separately
*Early Bird special 40% off if pre-ordered before Nov 1st 2021.